Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The First of Many Pages

So I know I disappeared again. I promise to get over this insensate believe that without visual work to show, my blog isn't worth updating. Unlike in the past, this time my disappearance meant results. Serious results in the form of an entire short film/pilot script and it's corresponding shot list! This may just be the fastest I've ever turned page around, and I am dedicated to doing so with the storyboards. Boarding deadline set at July 1, I am well on my way. The shot list presently contains 308 scenes. Starting April 26 and going to June 30, that means I must complete 4.5 scenes a day if I am to keep on task. That may sound like a piece of cake, but in some scenes we could be talking up to 15 drawings. I'm already starting to sweat, but I view this as my only way back to the road I want to be on.

I apologize for the crappy phone pic ahead of time, but with that I give you the very first storyboard page!

Yeah I know it's no masterpiece by far, but it's a storyboard. It's not suppose to look finished. Not bad for a guy who hasn't drawn anything in over six months. By the end of today I'll be on page 12 of god knows how many pages.

On the casting front, we've had a bit of a shuffle and change about. Taking over for me as the voice of Professor Waxington, (the fine chap sipping his coffee on the page you most recently saw) is venerable actor of stage and screen, and former Henson Muppetteer, Carlos Larkin! Taking over the role of Jenna Knockersworth is Las Vegas' own 98.5 KLUC Morning Zoo member Lauren Michaels! And in the role switch and change department, actor Curt Clendenin (of former Dirk Malone fame) will be taking the part of brand new character, General Principle; And actor Layton Matthews will be assuming the part of Dirk Malone, allowing filmmaker Tyrell Ventura to assume the role of the legendary Dr. Tikiforaheadwithafez.

So as you can see I presently have my work cut out for me. Feels good to be back to work on a project. Especially one that has finally found it's voice after having taken so many forms over the last few years. I promise I will try to update as I work through the gazillion pages of boards spewing out of me at the moment, but in all likelihood your next update on this particular project will come in video form, with rough audio track.

In other quick update news, Kids Eating Paste is in the midst of a technical upgrade. New camera, new lights, website 2.0, the works. Good stuff from there forthcoming, and Bowie! You'll know more shortly. And in the mean time you need to buy one of these fine KIDS EATING PASTE SHIRTS!

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