Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tony Clifton, Hospitals, Stress and Adversity

How to describe the last week in so many words. For one, at this point Andy Kaufman is probably dead. None the less his former protege Tony Clifton can still put on a great show. (And do one of the greatest covers of "Rhinestone Cowboy" since Dolly and Sly) Truly a great show with more boobs and vagina than I have ever seen in person in my entire life.

The week rolled on and we get to Wednesday when once again my father lands himself in the hospital. Why you may ask? Oh well when you're diabetic, go figure, blood sugar levels become an issue. When you stop taking your meds and stop checking your blood sugar on a daily basis, things health wise can go south. Harsh tone you say? I make no qualms about the less-than-fantastic relationship he and I have, but the reverse father/son relationship we have always had has gotten old.

And this would be where the adversity comes in. Between the B.S., and everything else that went down this week, I have once again stayed far ahead of my self established schedule. As of tonight the storyboarding process remains 6 days ahead of schedule. From Sunday to Sunday I find myself in another self fulfilling position. I don't think in the last batch of boards I accomplished what I did this week.

And your count for the week: ACT II Storybaords

3 weeks down
74 pages done
48 scenes boarded
137 of 308 scenes completed.

Not bad for what a shitty week it was. Gripe and grief over. Next week will be a better week.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

14 Days of Drawing = Results and Ego

14 days is all it's taken me to get 1/3 of the way though this monumental task.

14 days straight in which I woke up, picked up a pencil, and sat my ass in a chair all day doing what I once did best. What I once did best, and what I will once again strive to do better. Feels good to be myself again. I'm trying to keep my ego in check, but it does have a way of sneaking up on me once in a while.

136 pages of pure, unadulterated gold in recycled paper form, my people:

To quote the great Bender Bending Rodriguez: "I'm back, baby!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Feel Good Blog Posting of the Year

Oh no lets not let the bottle of Walker Black fool you. The photo above are just the simple tools of the animation trade and I for one am a slave to tradition. So folks, let me tell you about this past week. Page 100 has officially been hit. We're well on our way to double digit scene count, and as of this afternoon, half of Thursday's boards have been done. By Thursday, I mean this coming Thursday. Thursday the 13th...of May. That's right, I am 4; Count them 4 days ahead of schedule. This is a good thing considering next weekend's schedule looks like I've climbed the ranks of the social elite. But alas current status still remains. So without further delay, I present to you this week's count:

2 weeks down
12 weeks to go
70 of 308 scenes done
100 pages completed so far

Not bad considering I was near panic attacks last weekend being half a day behind. My task this week, KEEP THIS TRAIN A' ROLLIN!

More to come. Happy Jasin. Happy, happy Jasin.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Update Quickie!

The above picture is where the magic happens. Although I normally reserve short comments for Facebook and Twitter, I promised to keep up with posting here and dammit that's what I'm gonna do!

The count so far:

1 full week down
13 weeks to go
308 scenes total
30 scenes done as of tonight

2 scenes behind right now of the pace I need to keep but my right thumb is a constant shade of purple and the writing callus on my right middle finger has an odd blister/hardened coating over it. Painful, yes. But I am fighting through the pain.

That is all for now. More to come.