Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Long Awaited Kids Eating Paste PSA, Starring ME!

On my way to the nut house I've decided to start turning all the random thought in my head that I find funny, (luckily my writing partner Brandon finds them funny too, so at least I know I'm not all crazy. That or Brandon is total bat shit crazy. Either way...) into comedy sketches. Those sketches have turned from fun, into yet another business endeavor of sorts, in the form of www.kidseatingpaste.com. This also means I'll be taking turns in front of and behind the camera as needed. I've found doing wacky shit like this has been a great way to blow off the steam that so often prevents creativity from easing out in animated form.

So with that, I am proud to present not just my newly posted PSA, but also a sketch we shot last August, starring me and the multi-talented NoHo legend Curt Clendenin.

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Cliff G. said...

Pretty funny -- I'm actually reading Moby Dick.