Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Feel Good Blog Posting of the Year

Oh no lets not let the bottle of Walker Black fool you. The photo above are just the simple tools of the animation trade and I for one am a slave to tradition. So folks, let me tell you about this past week. Page 100 has officially been hit. We're well on our way to double digit scene count, and as of this afternoon, half of Thursday's boards have been done. By Thursday, I mean this coming Thursday. Thursday the 13th...of May. That's right, I am 4; Count them 4 days ahead of schedule. This is a good thing considering next weekend's schedule looks like I've climbed the ranks of the social elite. But alas current status still remains. So without further delay, I present to you this week's count:

2 weeks down
12 weeks to go
70 of 308 scenes done
100 pages completed so far

Not bad considering I was near panic attacks last weekend being half a day behind. My task this week, KEEP THIS TRAIN A' ROLLIN!

More to come. Happy Jasin. Happy, happy Jasin.

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