Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Color Commando

Finishing now the components of the logo for Ace Fernando: Space Commando. All that's left for me to do is finish up the other text elements and it will be complete. For now, here is Ace himself, in full color glory.

Pretty cool huh? What a douche bag he's gonna be!

Not sure yet who's next. I got Ace's trusty young ward, Bobby Thompson and his sister Susy drawn, along with the butch-lesbian-robot Nurse Click. I'll get to them and get them up asap. Stay tuned.


Carissa said...

he definitely looks more self-absorbed in full color! haha. and i like the mustache. i think it really brings out the "douche bag"-ness.

curt said...

i can imagine Ace and Max Neptune crossing paths. great job on setting up a blog. keep the creativity flowin